Beauty & the Beta

#167 | Epstein Dead, Eight-Eight, Biden’s Gaffes, Joaquin Castro’s Doxing

August 12, 2019

Exactly nobody is surprised by Jeffrey Epstein's (assisted?) suicide, but will we ever learn what happened?  Plus MSNBC goes insane on Trump after the shootings, Joe Biden gaffes all week, Rep. Joaquin Castro doxes his own constituents over Trump support, and much more! 

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Items referenced:
Did Jared Holt inspire the Dayton shooter?  
Epstein facts:  
Claims about Epstein cameras not confirmed:  
Trump condemns hate, white supremacism:  
Craziest MSNBC takes:  
MSNBC analyst discusses ‘eight eight’: 
CNN praises New Zealand:  
New York Times praises European speech standards:  
WaPo says free speech makes prosecuting white supremacists difficult:  
Trump’s tweets calling for gun control:  
Trump calls for gun control, says Mitch McConnell is onboard:  
Case against red flag laws:  
Maryland’s red flag law turns deadly:  
Red flag laws not effective:  
Universal background checks not effective:  
Good guy with a gun stops Missouri Walmart incident:  
Kid says he was ‘testing the right to bear arms’:  
Joe Biden says poor kids are as talented as white kids:  
Biden explains the gaffe:  
Biden says ‘bingo’ about taking guns:  
Biden grabs student:  
Biden says he was VP during Parkland:  
Joaquin Castro’s doxing tweet:   
Joaquin Castro Morning Joe interview: 
People Castro doxed describe experience:  
One of those doxed also supported Castro:  
Blaire White Jessica Yaniv stream:  
Yaniv arrested:  
Hoax hate:  
Prior hoax hate, burning one’s own house down:  
GoFundMe for destroyed house: