Ep 73 | Eminem & Sarah Silverman Cringe, Actual Policy Stuff, BBC Race Propaganda

October 16, 2017

We discuss the Independent's strage solution for sexual scandals like Harvey Weinstein's, some actually important policy stuff, Eminem and Sarah Silverman's competing cringe pieces, Berkeley students disrupting a midterm exam, the BBC's racial propaganda, plus a 3-for-1 hoax hate of the week!  

Blonde's interview with Sorting Myself Out: https://youtu.be/stOWqF4nXxA

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"Lose Yourself" remix:  https://youtu.be/TgVkGJQdgGY   
Bearing and SugarTits' cover of "Catch the Wind" http://bit.ly/2fu9qUO
"Dog Park" and "Odahviing" written and performed by AENEAS: http://bit.ly/2sibPZ7

Independent essay says Islam is the answer to sexual scandals: http://ind.pn/2kRCPeT
Supreme Court dismisses appeal in Trump travel ban challenge: http://nyti.ms/2yEgzeE
Trump speaks about ObamaCare executive order: https://youtu.be/hS4ZXz-E8ek
Trump speaks about the Iran deal: https://youtu.be/rDBKklmEgds
House version of the "bumpstock ban:" http://bit.ly/2xGPIyx
Senate version of the "bumpstock ban:" http://bit.ly/2xJ2H2D
Eminem's BET "The Storm" rap: https://youtu.be/LunHybOKIjU
Jebinem: http://bit.ly/2kMt29U
Trailer for Sarah Silverman's "I Love You, America:" https://youtu.be/IP81Je7APoQ
About Sarah Silverman's show: https://usat.ly/2hDUdiH
Berkeley students interrupt midterm and issue demands: https://youtu.be/eCtgaDNgDaU
BBC's race propaganda: http://bbc.in/2xGNXBn
U of Maryland hoax hate: http://bit.ly/2kP1kcG
Arrest made in Dumfries, Virginia church hate case: http://bit.ly/2z9X22M
Columbus Day vandalism: http://bit.ly/2xH5n0R